How Long Does It Take To Get Viewings On A Property?

How Long Does It Take To Get Viewings On A Property?

If you are thinking of selling your home in Hammersmith and West London areas, or you’ve just put your property on the market, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to get people through the door.

While it’s always a good sign that you’re getting viewings in the first couple of days and weeks, this alone is no indication of how quickly your property will sell.

If you’re not getting many viewings, it’s best to simply be patient.

It can take months for a house to sell in West London, which doesn’t necessarily include the amount of time for the actual sale to go through. If you want a rough estimate of how many viewings you’ll get, it’s impossible to say – we came on as the second agent after six months of marketing by the other agent, who reportedly had 30+ viewings – but no offers.

We had three viewings, received an offer and went on to complete – luck or skill – You decide! 

How many Viewings will I Get in the First Week?

Again, this is very difficult to tell – a super desirable property priced correctly could see quite a few through your door - Vitally, make sure that your property is presented at its best, as this increases the likelihood of someone falling in love with your home, then making an offer.

Am I Guaranteed an Offer After a Second Viewing?

Not necessarily! Just because the same person views your property multiple times doesn’t mean they will buy it. Having said that, a second viewing is a reasonable indicator that someone is interested in your house. For example, it could be on their list of the top three properties they’ve seen. If, on a second viewing, they bring a family member or start probing about the neighbourhood, chances are they are serious about putting an offer in.

Why am I Struggling to Sell my Property?

There are a few reasons.

Look at this list, and if you can identify with any of them, consider taking our advice to improve your chance of selling.

1. My Property has had a Lack of Interest in the First Two Weeks

Your property might be priced too high. If you’re willing, drop it a bit. Interest is likely to increase as a result.

2. The Photos of my Property don’t do it, Justice.

Raise your concerns with your agent. Ask them to re-photograph and ask if they can do a walkthrough video by a professional videographer, after all, we are very visual in our likes and dislikes of what we see online.

3. I Never Hear from my Agent, so I don’t think they’re Doing Much to Market my Property.

 Give them a call and ask them what they’re doing to market it. For example, are they actively sending details to prospective buyers, promoting your home to the right type of applicant, and have they a strong database of prospective buyers?

4. I’ve Advertised my Property in Winter, and there is a Lack of Interest.

Despite how well-presented your property is or how good an area it’s located in (for example, Fulham or Shepherds Bush), there are times of the year when people are not fully motivated to get out and look for new homes. Either leave it on the market and bide your time or take it off and re-list at a better time – be guided by your agent.

5. The Description of my Property Online Misses out Key Features.

If your property has off-street parking, a back garden or a pleasing outlook, then really let the buyer know - these are all highly desirable things, and by including them in your property’s description, you are more likely to sell your house. At London Estates, we pride ourselves on our detail in marketing.

6. Is Advertising on the major portals Enough to Bring in Viewings?

It sometimes is, Zoopla, On The Market, and Rightmove are usually the first place a buyer will look.

But, a good agent will know their applicants and would have called, emailed and texted them before the listing goes live to generate some pre-portal interest.

7. I’ve Received Negative Feedback on Previous Viewings. What Should I do?

Take it on board, these people are not criticising you personally they are, giving you vital feedback which could ultimately help you sell. Regardless of whether you live in a desirable area like Chiswick or Ealing, there is nothing more off-putting to prospective buyers than clutter, smells or pet hair all over furnishings and carpets. Your property should be presented in the best possible light – think before you bring people through the door; otherwise, you risk losing your potential buyer.

8. I’m in a Chain. Will this Put Someone off Who is Interested in my Property?

It depends on how quickly they want to move. If you have a serious buyer and you’re desperate to sell, you could consider moving into a rental for a few months and keep your possessions in storage. This can be expensive in West London, so only do it if the deal is worth the expense.

Written by John Rigg

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