How To Sell A Property With Pictures.

How To Sell A Property With Pictures
How To Sell A Property With Pictures

It used to be all about kerb appeal. You know, as you pull up at the property you’re going to view. Does it capture the attention? Does it draw you in? And now, kerb appeal is still hugely important – it just happens so much earlier in the process of selling a home. How to sell a property with pictures is massively important in any market. And as a Hammersmith estate agent, we know it’s even more important in this area.

New developments across the area mean that you need your property to stand out. And knowing how to sell a property with pictures is making those vital first impressions count.

Getting a property ready for photographs is similar to getting a property ready for viewings. People want to picture themselves in your property for sale in Hammersmith. And there are two things that mean more than anything else. Let’s start with those…

Space And Light

The feelings of space and light mean everything to your potential buyer. Now, this doesn’t mean that only massive properties sell. It does mean that you need to make the most of these elements in your home.

So, think about the simple things you can do here -

If your garden is overgrown, with tree branches covering the windows, blocking light, get out there and get it sorted.

If the décor is dark and makes the room feel half the size it is, invest in a tin of paint and make it look bright and breezy.

And if you’ve been meaning to take a trip to the tip or get rid of a load of stuff at a car boot sale then now is the time.

Take a look at the below images of a property we sold. It illustrates that light comes from both inside and outside the property. Amazing lighting creates an effect that


The classic way to sell a property with pictures is to declutter. If you’re unsure how to NOT do it, then there is already a website dedicated to terrible estate agent photos. The last thing you want is to appear on this…

Decluttering doesn’t mean putting everything you own into storage. It does mean keeping quality, non-personal items around the home. And remember, you still need to live there while you’re in the process of selling, Thankfully, if you sell with us then that won’t belong. You don’t want to have to go to the local storage place every time you remember you need something that you’ve packed away.

If you’re selling a property in Hammersmith, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, then having a home that shows off its best potential is crucial in getting the best price.

Less Can Be More

We’re often asked how many photos are needed. And this depends entirely on the property. Some properties look amazing from every angle of every room, and the images supplement that. This means that the pictures really do paint a thousand words.

But this isn’t always the case. Keeping a potential buyer intrigued means they’re far more likely to want to book a viewing to see more. Getting people inside your home for sale in Hammersmith is a great way to make the most of the market. You will be far more likely to get offers with multiple viewings.

In terms of images, quality beats quantity every time. That’s why we take our time in making sure we’re representing your home in the right way. If you want to stand out in a highly competitive market, then you need to ensure that every image used actually adds to the attractiveness of your home.

How To Sell A Property With Pictures

Clean lines make all the difference here. But don’t worry too much about that. Our expert photographers will ensure that your home looks the part, helping you set up the room in the ideal way to sell at the best price.

The internet has changed the way we buy many things in life. And property is no exception. We now have the ability to look at tens of images, follow a guided tour, look a drone footage and goodness knows what else relating to a property. And all of this before we set foot in the place.

This makes the pictures you use so much more important. The Hammersmith property market is as competitive as ever. So, making the perfect first impression is absolutely vital.

Written by John Rigg

Source London Estates

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