Getting Your Rental Property Ready For Winter

Getting Your Rental Property Ready For Winter

Winter is a busy period for landlords. Not only do they have to deal with ongoing issues caused by cold weather, but they also have to ensure all their properties are fit for winter. While checking all your properties may seem hard work, it’s definitely worthwhile, potentially saving you a lot of time, hassle and money further down the line.

With this in mind…

Here's a List of Everything you’ll Need to Check this Winter at Your Properties

Heating & Plumbing

It’s crucial to ensure heating and plumbing are working properly in all your properties. Neglect this, and not only do you potentially put your tenants in danger and face big legal problems, you could also cause massive damage to your property if things go wrong.

The boiler is the most important thing to check, specifically by having it serviced once a year so that it operates efficiently and lasts longer. Just make sure your service engineer is Gas Registered.

While having this done, it's the perfect opportunity to also make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working.

Once you’ve checked your boiler, you’ll want to check the pipework. This is important as pipes can freeze in cold temperatures and burst, causing major leaks and damage. While this is sometimes unavoidable, insulating pipes can prevent this from happening and also make your heating system more efficient.

Once you’ve got the main tasks out the way, it’s also worthwhile checking radiators and ‘bleeding’ them to release air and make them warmer. This is an easy task that only requires an old towel and a radiator key.

Something else you should also do is provide the location of the stopcock to your tenant (usually under the kitchen sink). This is important in the case of a leak as it allows the supply to be isolated quickly, reducing the chance of major damage.

Finally, ensure your tenant has the instruction manual for the boiler timer. Allow them to set it to their own schedule, but ensure they have the heating turned on at least one hour per day.

Efficiency & Insulation

Windows and doors are a major cause of draughts, but fortunately, they can be sealed easily using sealant or a draught excluder. This not only makes for a more comfortable environment for tenants but also makes your property more efficient and allows you to save money on your heating bills. The loft is another area where much heat can be lost if not properly insulated. Go up and check if your loft is insulated, and ensure the existing insulation is the right thickness, topping up if necessary.

Next, look at the chimney if your property happens to have an open fire. If you have one, but it’s not used, consider fitting a chimney balloon to reduce draughts. If it is in use, be sure to have it cleaned by a chimney sweep.


When it comes to weatherproofing your rental property, there are 2 key areas to check. The first is the guttering, which can become blocked with debris, causing leaks and damp patches. Make sure they are cleared regularly.

The second area to check is the roof itself. This can sometimes be difficult in West London due to some leasehold properties having split responsibilities. Contact the owners of the neighbouring properties if you do identify any problems.


As a landlord, you’ve possibly already dealt with issues relating to mould and damp in the past. Thankfully, this can often be avoided by ensuring properties are properly ventilated. One way this can be achieved is by making sure extractor fans in both kitchens and bathrooms are working properly.


The final checks you’ll need to make to your rental properties relate to security. Burglary over the winter period can increase due to dark nights, but there are a few ways you can combat this.

Firstly, encourage your tenants to set lamps on timers. If they’re away, it’ll give the impression the property is still occupied and deter thieves.

Secondly, if your property is alarmed, ensure the system has been properly serviced. Fire safety is also the legal responsibility of landlords in rentals, so make sure your property has a working smoke detector on each level.


We understand that when it comes to making sure your rental property is set for winter, there’s a lot to check, which is why we’ve prepared this checklist to take some of the hard work out of this task:

? Has the boiler been serviced?

? Are smoke detectors fitted on each level?

? Are radiators working efficiently?

? Have pipes been insulated?

? Does the tenant know the stopcock location?

? Is the central heating timer set properly?

? Have gaps around windows and doors been sealed?

? If the property has an open fireplace, has it been cleaned or sealed?

? Is the loft properly insulated?

? Are gutters free from leaks and blockages?

? Is the roof in good condition?

? Are extractor fans working?

? If the tenant is away from the property frequently, are lights set on a timer?

? Has the intruder alarm been serviced?

? Is the property insured

Written by John Rigg

Source London Estates

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