How to Prevent Damp and Mould During Winter

Ensuring Your Property Remains Free from Damp and Mould During Winter

Damp and mould are common concerns in properties, and not only are they unsightly and unpleasant to smell, but they can also pose a significant health risk. In the UK, these issues tend to be more prevalent during the colder months, and landlords need to take measures to prevent them from occurring. Even more crucial is ensuring that tenants know what actions to take to prevent these issues from arising and what to do if they appear in the property.

There are several causes of damp and mould, including condensation, poor ventilation, inadequate heating, water ingress from cracks or leaks, high levels of water vapour inside the property, and rising damp. Condensation typically forms on cold surfaces when warm air comes into contact with them. This can commonly occur on mirrors and windows, in kitchens and bathrooms, in unheated rooms' corners, and even inside cupboards and wardrobes.

Condensation is often created by everyday activities such as taking a shower, cooking and boiling a kettle. These actions generate warm, moist steam that travels around the room until it encounters a cold surface, resulting in condensation that turns into water.

However, the solution to condensation and damp is relatively straightforward: keep the air dry.

Homeowners and tenants can prevent damp and mould from appearing by following these simple steps:

Open windows when possible;

Avoid drying clothes inside the property;

If necessary, dry clothes in a ventilated room with the door closed;

Keep the bathroom door closed while bathing;

Close the kitchen door while cooking;

Use lids on pots and pans when cooking;

Wipe the moisture from inside windows;

Maintain an indoor temperature of at least 18 degrees;

Avoid having too many houseplants;

Ensure the tumble dryer vents to the exterior;

Keep furniture away from exterior walls to enable air circulation.

If these precautions do not prevent the problem, homeowners can hire a damp and mould surveyor. For landlords, it is crucial to inform tenants to contact them immediately if they notice any signs of damp or mould. If left unchecked, the problem can become challenging and expensive to address, leading to structural damage and potential health problems for occupants.

A qualified surveyor can recommend solutions to prevent damp and mould from occurring or reoccurring, including installing damp-proofing measures.

In summary, damp and mould are common issues in properties, particularly during the colder months, and can cause significant health risks if left untreated. Homeowners and tenants can prevent these problems from occurring by maintaining dry air in the property.

If the problem persists, homeowners should hire a damp and mould surveyor, and landlords should ensure that tenants contact them immediately to prevent the problem from escalating.

Written by John Rigg

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