Clarity vs Confusion: The State of COVID Two Years On

Clarity vs Confusion:

The State of COVID Two Years On The COVID pandemic here in the UK hasn’t made things easy for people.

It seems like the rules are constantly changing, with England not long ago switching back to ‘Plan A’. Or is it ‘Plan B?’ Not sure where we are anymore… Whatever letter it is, it sounds like all-round good news. We no longer have to work from home or wear pesky face coverings in different settings.

It’s no longer a legal requirement to have NHS COVID passes in event venues, and we are free to travel around England as we please. Of course, there are still things we should be mindful of. Rules still exist surrounding international travel, with many countries requiring strict tests to take place for the unvaccinated. More local to home, people heading to places outside England like Scotland should check if restrictions are in place as well. While it may seem that COVID is being wound down, unfortunately, this isn’t entirely the case.

This year could see the introduction of even more new variants, with a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants already existing. At this moment in time, it’s difficult to say exactly what the government will do to protect the UK. But what we can almost be certain of, is the potential re-introduction of compulsory mask-wearing in a variety of public settings. Chances are that people who catch the new variant will have to self-isolate for up to 10 days, whether they are vaccinated or not. And of course, travel restrictions could be re-introduced as well. So, while it appears things are just getting back to normal, this might not actually be the case. We’ve already been told that COVID is here to stay for a while, so we may as well get used to it.

Do You Know Where You Stand with COVID?

The majority of us have been understanding and abiding, realising just how serious the situation has been. After all, 160,000 people have now died so far from COVID in the UK. Perhaps shocking stats such as the above are enough for most people to stick to the rules. Not to mention the reassuring media coverage from experts such as Chris Whitty. Most people have realised that following the rules, no matter how difficult, has been the right thing to do. We have accepted that COVID is now a major part of our lives, both now, and potentially in the future as well. On the other hand, COVID rules have left many people confused, and it’s easy to see why. Most people access websites like to source information about COVID and unfortunately for most of us, it’s clear as mud. The homepage is packed full of content, while the site features in excess of 5,000 articles on COVID, showcasing a plethora of confusing scientific jargon and data beyond the realms of the average person. But the problems don’t end here. Many criticised media coverage of Boris Johnson giving his pre-lockdown speeches, leaving many in limbo last year over their Christmas plans. And if that didn’t seem bad enough, there’s been further problems with NHS systems, including vaccine booking and the Test and Trace app. It is perhaps reasons such as these why some have flouted lockdown rules. Nevertheless, politicians haven't exactly been great role models with parties taking place at Number 10 during the lockdown.

Are You Now More Understanding or Confused about COVID?

It’s true that COVID rules here in the UK are always changing. While this is necessary to protect the most vulnerable, it’s easy to see why many of us are confused. Most of us are trying our best to follow them, especially considering the shocking facts on COVID related fatalities we’re likely to see each and every day. Unfortunately, for many, keeping up with the changes has been challenging. Advice available through the media and online has sometimes been conflicting or beyond our knowledge. Plus, many of us have found NHS systems like Track and Trace, and the vaccine booking system, difficult to use. It’s reasons such as these why some people may not have taken COVID lockdown rules seriously. Of course, the fact that several politicians have also flouted the rules only adds to this

Written by John Rigg

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